A Journey Begun-or continued….

Well it’s been an amazing, crazy 18months. In between school runs, pony club, karate, ballet, gymnastics and the torture room(aka the laundry room!), I’ve managed to write a book. Yes, my first novel, Awaken, went up on Amazon and Smashwords over the past 2 weeks. I can’t believe I made it to this point, but wow, it’s a great feeling.

The biggest challenge I faced, other than where to squeeze in writing time(often done in the witching hours after midnight), was self belief. Having committed to a very different career for nearly 2 decades, it was difficult to imagine myself somewhere else, someone else. Well, as I discovered, I just needed the right inspiration at the right time. I’ve realised I’m not someone else, I’m just me, evolved and on a continuous learning curve.

What we learn as young adults in school is to choose a career path. What we are so often not told is that what you choose early on is not the only option. Your entire life is not set in stone. You can do and be many things.

Do that. Be many things. Try new things. Every age that you are is a new opportunity to live your life to it’s very best.


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