The Art of Marketing a Book

Now don’t be fooled by the title that this is a how to. It certainly isn’t. It’s far from it actually. What it is, in fact, is my ever growing insights into the immense amount of effort an indie author must go to, to get their work noticed.

This time last year, I can guarantee you that not a soul was interested in either me or my book. I was in limbo, author no-mans land and not an olive branch to grasp.

Today, I have people reaching out to me to read my book, to compliment my work, to ask me how to write a book and offers to beta read my just finished sequel! How freaky is that? A complete 360 change from no-one to someone that might nearly be considered somewhat of an author that a reader might like to get to know 🙂

This has been achieved through no less that throwing myself out there in the big scary social media world. At first I was lost,  slowly I weaved my way into conversations that seemed fun, interesting and inspiring. From there I have had the utter privilege of meeting the most wonderful authors and readers who have not only made me laugh and smile, but also offered the hand of friendship and support.

It is an interesting balance of give and take. I find great joy in sharing the works of other authors that I love. I enjoy reading snippets of their lives and watching them progress through the same stages that I do. What do I get in return for such a wonderful interactive experience? A return of that same joy for my writing, my silly posts and the snippets of my life that I share. In developing these enviable friendships I have unwittingly marketed my book in the most positive and enjoyable way.

On the flip side is the face to face marketing. Now that is truly challenging. I have , after immense effort and many knockbacks, managed to have Awaken accepted into three independent bookshops here in Melbourne. Benn’s Books, Beaumaris Books and Farrell’s Books. I thank them so deeply for taking a risk on me.  It was such a fabulous success after so much hang-ups and “thanks but no thanks.”

I suppose my point is that you really don’t get anything without putting in . Everyday I work on promoting my book, every single day and it is slowly paying off. Not in monetary terms, because lets be honest, you only make money writing if you’re Stephen King or the like… unless you get that movie deal! The pay off is seeing your book featured on someone’s blog, a new 5 star review and just the simplicity of the fact that you entertained  someone on the other side of the world.

That’s the payoff for me for all the closed doors and ear-bashing that’s now opening up those same doors.


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