Updates on reading and writing

Its been a while since I’ve blogged. I’m quite slack with it, I have to admit that. However, what I’m doing when I’m not blogging is….writing! Lots of writing. I’ve recently had an explosion of inspiration and motivation that has seen me reach the final chapters of Surrender, the sequel to Awaken.

In between running a household chock-full of kids an animals, its a crazy busty schedule. I did had quite a writing lull over the recent school holidays but I’m back full force. My local cafe sets a cosy scene where I can float away o a river of coffee as I zone out of reality and into Sophia’s strange and frightening world.

For those who’ve read Awaken, poor Soph, she doesn’t cop much of a break. It’s an uphill battle the whole way. *evil laughing* I’m loving how she’s developing though. She’s vulnerable yet strong, and getting stronger with each new challenge.

I recently asked a question of my IG friends. What does an author do when a character is so alive that they are insistent on how I write them? One character is screaming at me each time I wont allow her to use a swear word. It sounds ridiculous but I actually feel like she’s glaring back up at me from the computer, hands on hips and saying “Really? You really gonna dumb me down like that?”

She’s trouble and I love her. Thoughts on appropriately placed cursing? Not that she’s going to listen or care either way!

Now to reading. Wow, I’ve read some thrilling new books, most of which are self-published indies. The highlight has been The Making of Gabriel Davenport by Beverley Lee. I’ve probably mentioned it before, but I loved it THAT much. ┬áIf you love dark fantasy, grab a copy like, yesterday! Another is the Colours of Immortality by J.M.Muller. If you’d like a fresh take on the Zombie/undead formula check this out too. Its totally unique. The pace is quick, no dragging boring bits and its left me wanting to know a whole lot more about this new breed of monster that she has created.

Another recent read was Hell’s Teeth by James Fahy. Not an Indie but it’s the second book of his that I’ve read and completely loved it. Again, another clever twist of the Vampire genre that strays perfectly away from the same run of the mill vampire tale.

Pretty much the most exciting thing I’ve read though I can’t even talk about. I did my first Beta Read. Simply a wonderful honour and a thrill to be the first set of eyes on the planet to read this incredible story.

Love to hear what you guys are reading and writing