Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Well, I have to say when it comes to blogging I’m rather rubbish. I am publically proclaiming to remedy this, so you all must keep me honest.

What has happened since I last posted? So, so much.

Most excitedly the sequel to Awaken has been released and is receiving some fabulous reviews which just makes my authory heart sing.

Here is a little excerpt from surrender:

Chapter One

Chapter One excerpt


A door creaked open. I shut my eye again and held my breath, trying to control the panic of not knowing where I was. What the hell just happened? I attempted to fake sleep whilst straining every other sense to ascertain what was going on. My spine burned instinctively, a raw reminder of my new and unpredictable power.

Deep breath in, deep breath out, repeat.

Keep it cool Soph. My thoughts raced and my senses kicked into overdrive; taking in every smell, sound and whisper of movement.

I had to work out what was going on before my whacked out Angelic body decided to put on its own light show.

Ashes and spice. No!



It’s been such a different experience releasing book 2. The support , the confidence and the enjoyment has been exponentially more fantastic. For the first time I sent ARCS out and this was a wonderful experience where readers were putting up their hands to have a copy pre-release. I can’t describe how wonderful that feeling is.

So now I am looking to book 3, the final instalment of my trilogy. I’m in the beginning stages and the ideas are firing quicker than I can type them down.

Until Redemption, book 2, hits the shelves I am content to enjoy the warm welcome that Surrender has received.

Happy reading and happy writing



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