The Supanova Melbourne Experience

WOW!!! I can’t be more linguistically artistic than that.

Two weeks ago I experienced two amazing things.

Firstly the official public launch of Awaken. The NERVES! It was a paper bag puffing moment when the first person approached my table. I’d practiced my 30 second book synopsis a million times and you know, I think I described Awaken 100 different ways over this two day period! *you may laugh*

I’ve never been a public person, never enjoyed being the focus of attention at all…..

Well, did this address that issue!!. I wouldn’t say I would ever deliberately put my hand up to speak at a packed house with all eyes on me, but I certainly relaxed over theses amazing two days as I talked to so many wonderful and diverse people . Some came to compliment my table decorations, some to browse over Awaken, some to purchase it, and some came over well, because they were dressed as Darth Vader!

Awaken was very well received. In these two days I sold more books in person than I have through Amazon and that was just sensational. I was so knocked out by this. It really hit home how important connecting with people is. This was further supported by all the new and lovely followers I received through Instagram and Twitter. The love and feels I have for them all is endless. I went to Supanova expecting small things. I came away from it feeling a million dollars, having made new friends, wonderful connections and learned a whole damned lot about book promoting and myself. To all who supported me, thankyou from the bottom of my full and bursting heart.

Now to Supanova itself. What an amazing event. For those who don’t know its like ComiCon. An amazing colourful, diverse pop culture event that attracts all kinds of amazing stalls. Art, film and literature. Actors visit for fan pics and autographs. There were actors from Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Arrow just to name a few. My kids were thrilled to meet some. A huge theme was Anime. The amazing costumes people were wearing just blew my mind. All kinds of genres were there both cute, gorgeous and downright scary. I met Thor, Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, The suicide Squad and the Grim Reaper who happened to be rather nice actually. Plenty of zombie contact lenses and wildly coloured hair made this an eye popping, people watching fest that was an absolute delight.

The crowds were there to have fun, good fun, polite and kind fun, not an unpleasant word or moment was to be seen or heard.

So enthralled was I, that I’m packing my car up and I’m following this show to Sydney in June. How could you not want to roll with such a fun, positive experience that doubles as a sensational book promotion vehicle.


What am I Reading?

I have a confession to make. I’m a very impatient reader. I often have multiple books on the go at once because I get too excited to start one before I finish another! Always been like this.

Generally I have levels of books. By this I mean I have my ‘sleepy book’, this is an easy read when I’m really tired. Then I have my ‘need more coffee book’, this is the intense page turner that I can’t put down. Lastly I have my ‘we’re casual friends book’, this is that book that I want to finish but meander back and forward from because its not quite drawing my in. This one always gets finished but sits at the bottom of the queue.

At the moment however I’m reading three ‘need more coffee books’ so as you can imagine, I’m rather beside myself and not sleeping too much. I have to almost toss a coin for which one I allow myself to pick up. I should be more disciplined and force myself to finish one at a time but where would the fun in that be? Right now I have multiple fantasy worlds I’m drifting in and out of!

So what am I reading?

Hollow City by Ransom Riggs. I LOVE this series. How superbly unique to imagine a story from random vintage photographs. The story drags me along at a wonderful pace. The characters are supremely unique and engaging. There is just enough dark fantasy in this little book to keep me looking over my shoulder. Best of all, Tim Burton is bringing out the movie this year, its a win-win for me.

Sensory Overload Book 3 of The Pria Chronicles by Shannon Rieger. A wonderful series by a self-published indie author. Firstly, I love to support fellow indie authors, its like propping up your family as well as the fact that I totally understand the uphill battle to get yourself out there. So, to the book. It’s a quirky fantasy written in multiple POV which works. A YA novel aimed probably for 13 years plus, it divulges just enough to keep me guessing so I just have to keep turning the page. I love that. The story is unique, about a boy named Michael who has the ability to sense the emotions of others and how this almost tears him apart  There’s an innocence and vulnerability about the characters as they navigate through discovering who they are whilst trying to understand the danger they are in.

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. I’ve only just started this so don’t really too much I can say, but its about witches and that’s good enough for me! Will follow up on this book at a later time.

So, what are you reading and what kind of reader are you?



Over the past couple of months I have had the absolute honour of making some wonderful connections amongst the Indie author community. For a while there I was quite honestly feeling a little lonely. Tapping away at my keyboard, with only me, myself and I to talk to about my self-publishing experience *collective sigh*, it was proving to be a little isolating.

However,*dramatic music*, I finally cracked into a lovely circle of like-minded indie authors. A simple Instagram post by a writing coach had a lively conversation happening between kindred spirits. From this a FB support group evolved and now we are nurturing each others writing dreams. From asking questions, to sharing posts and purchasing each others books, it’s a wonderfully warm and encouraging environment.

I suppose my piece of wisdom from this is that no matter how strong your desire to succeed is, not a lot is going to happen without the hard ground work you need to put in behind the scenes. The writing, that’s fun, but the self-promotion and networking…..sheesh, that’s a whole different ball game! This was the one thing I was less prepared for. Slowly I’m getting it, understanding that making connections, supporting others as well as reaching out for myself is unbelievably essential. Its not easy, you know I’m shy, but its a challenge I’m taking head on. Hell, I’ve had 3 babies, I can do this!