Exciting Authory Events

I have a very exciting year so far this year. Many more events are booked in for book signings.

First up is Books by The Bridge at the Crystal Ballroom at Sydney Luna Park on February 18th.


This is a fabulous mix of Australian and international authors ready to meet and great with booklovers of all persuasions. It has been a fabulous run up to this event as I have met some absolutely fabulous authors on social media  It will be wonderful to put names and faces together.

Melbourne and Sydney Supanova are my next stop. April and June will be very busy organising all my books and swag.  Loved Supanova immensely last year  A fun-filled, character-filled feast of everything cosplay and unique. I thoroughly look forward to attending both of these very well organised and attended events.


The last event I have booked is Riveting Reads this October, in Brisbane. This will be my first trip to QLD in an author capacity and I’m really thrilled.  I’m staying with a fellow author so I anticipate a fabulous time at this author event




Until then, keep an eye on my social media sites for dates, updates and further details about these awesome bookish events.


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Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Well, I have to say when it comes to blogging I’m rather rubbish. I am publically proclaiming to remedy this, so you all must keep me honest.

What has happened since I last posted? So, so much.

Most excitedly the sequel to Awaken has been released and is receiving some fabulous reviews which just makes my authory heart sing.

Here is a little excerpt from surrender:

Chapter One

Chapter One excerpt


A door creaked open. I shut my eye again and held my breath, trying to control the panic of not knowing where I was. What the hell just happened? I attempted to fake sleep whilst straining every other sense to ascertain what was going on. My spine burned instinctively, a raw reminder of my new and unpredictable power.

Deep breath in, deep breath out, repeat.

Keep it cool Soph. My thoughts raced and my senses kicked into overdrive; taking in every smell, sound and whisper of movement.

I had to work out what was going on before my whacked out Angelic body decided to put on its own light show.

Ashes and spice. No!



It’s been such a different experience releasing book 2. The support , the confidence and the enjoyment has been exponentially more fantastic. For the first time I sent ARCS out and this was a wonderful experience where readers were putting up their hands to have a copy pre-release. I can’t describe how wonderful that feeling is.

So now I am looking to book 3, the final instalment of my trilogy. I’m in the beginning stages and the ideas are firing quicker than I can type them down.

Until Redemption, book 2, hits the shelves I am content to enjoy the warm welcome that Surrender has received.

Happy reading and happy writing