Book Signings Are Fun 101

To any authors and readers out there who haven’t been to a book signing, please do yourself a huge favour and go to one, or two or three!

Not only are they an opportunity for authors to market their books face to face, they are a fun and engaging way to have face to face interactions with both authors and readers.

A fun and encouraging atmosphere is what awaits and all you have to do is:

A:  author: turn up with a few books and a smile, perhaps a few bookmarks to give out

B:  reader: turn up with a smile and don’t be scared to say hello to the authors who  are probably more nervous than you!

I’ve just had the pleasure of experiencing the amazing Books by the Bridge author event on Feb 18th in Sydney. Organised to absolute perfection by author Kat T Masen, this was a brilliant networking opportunity where I met authors I’d only known through social media and for the first time had readers come to me looking for my second book which was an absolute buzz.

Whilst I collected a lovely stash of  autographed books that I shall treasure from Amanda Howard, L.L.Hunter, RKRhyde and Marie Lewis, I also sold many of my books which is much more rewarding when you can do it face to face. Seeing who buys your books, talking to them and getting to know them a little is just an absolute honour.

It is an opportunity that is not to be missed if your an author. It doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise. I’ve watched and learned from other authors how to create well priced bookmarks and other book swag to give out in a way that doesn’t break the bank but also are lovely enough to make the reader, or potential reader feel valued when you offer them a gift.

They are a  brilliant occasion to reach out to readers who are new to you and ones who are fans. An opportunity to give them your best, to mingle and learn from other authors. Its a brilliant opportunity to see the marketing strategies that work and the ones that don’t and more than anything, its perfection for crafting that 10 second pitch that draws a potential reader to your table.

Book expos are fun. The hardest part is the packing and unpacking…the rest is just a whole lot of fun. If you haven’t been to one I truly recommend them as a brilliant day out.


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