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I’d never have believed it a few years back if you’d told me that I would write a four book series. I suppose I never thought I’d write a book at all. It all comes down to confidence really, I think. I dreamed about it for a long time, then, perhaps it was all the Zen of the universe colliding. One day I just sat down and began writing. 

The A’vean Chronicles began entirely from a dream I had about a battered, battle- worn angel in a roiling sea. Huge waves were crashing down on him, and the feeling of being utterly destitute and beaten down was what made me remember this dream. The Fallen Angels of A’vean evolved from that single dream into what it is today.

On August 14th, the third book of the series, Allegiance, was released. On September 30th, the final book, Redemption, will be released. It will be something very special to hold all these four books, to see them on my shelves, and to finally deliver the rest of the story to my readers.

It’s been an interesting, joyful, surprising and sometimes frustrating process getting these books compete. I’ve learned a lot along the way. Its a process of learning in so many ways. Learning about my strengths, my weaknesses, about the process and realistic expectations.

I do remember being a very green author, not knowing where to begin, where to turn, who to ask for help. I remember this very keenly and try at every instance to help out other new authors, to give them a helping hand, a bit of a push in the right direction. That’s what this journey has given me more than anything really, a sense of community, an ability to share in more ways than just entertaining a reader with my stories. I really enjoy connecting with readers. As an avid reader, I love it when an author connects with me. I’m a thoroughly addicted collector of autographed books, so I now enjoy both sides of this relationship, both as an author and as a reader.

Writing has opened many opportunities for me. Realistically, they aren’t financial opportunities. Lets be perfectly frank, its not easy to earn a dollar as an author. But, I’ve found a pay-out of a different kind. Satisfaction with the achievement of writing an entire book series, as well as the invaluable friendships and connections I’ve made during this process.  Writing has been a surprising endeavour and I’m looking forward to where my next WIP will take me. 


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Its Been A While

I didn’t want to look at the date of my last post…then I did. Um… its been so long that I’ve moved house twice and finished a whole book series! Add into that already busy mix, returning to work as a recovery room nurse after having a few years break. Lots happening, lots of stresses and joys, but here I am and I’ve promised myself to do a monthly blog about reading, writing, whatever really.

The last time I wrote I’m fairly certain I’d reached a writers block.  I knew where my series  The A’vean Chronicles was going, but I’d kind lost the  main characters voice between books one and three. It was a horrifying realisation and took me quite some time to find her again. I quite literally shelved the book for a good 6 months. Looking back, I would hazard a good guess that it was related to the immense change of returning to work. I was suddenly so much busier than normal and I do remember being very, very tired.

Fast forward to today, and what a week I’ve had with the launch of pre-orders for the final 2 books in my urban fantasy series. This series has become such a part of me. The characters are a part of my everyday conversation, it seems strange to let them go. I’m sure though, I’ll never really let them go. They’ve taught me so much in their creation. Speaking of learning, I’ve had the most marvellous experience since I last wrote. I met some of my fave author friends whom I admire greatly. They have all contributed to my growth as an author by simple encouragement, to being my beta readers, Arc readers, editor and formatter. Such a privilege to learn from those you admire.

In the coming weeks I’ll put together some book reviews to share as well as chat more about the actual release of Allegiance and Redemption. Until then, I’ll keep this short and sweet, lest I ramble which is something I’m rather proficient at.

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