What am I Reading?

I have a confession to make. I’m a very impatient reader. I often have multiple books on the go at once because I get too excited to start one before I finish another! Always been like this.

Generally I have levels of books. By this I mean I have my ‘sleepy book’, this is an easy read when I’m really tired. Then I have my ‘need more coffee book’, this is the intense page turner that I can’t put down. Lastly I have my ‘we’re casual friends book’, this is that book that I want to finish but meander back and forward from because its not quite drawing my in. This one always gets finished but sits at the bottom of the queue.

At the moment however I’m reading three ‘need more coffee books’ so as you can imagine, I’m rather beside myself and not sleeping too much. I have to almost toss a coin for which one I allow myself to pick up. I should be more disciplined and force myself to finish one at a time but where would the fun in that be? Right now I have multiple fantasy worlds I’m drifting in and out of!

So what am I reading?

Hollow City by Ransom Riggs. I LOVE this series. How superbly unique to imagine a story from random vintage photographs. The story drags me along at a wonderful pace. The characters are supremely unique and engaging. There is just enough dark fantasy in this little book to keep me looking over my shoulder. Best of all, Tim Burton is bringing out the movie this year, its a win-win for me.

Sensory Overload Book 3 of The Pria Chronicles by Shannon Rieger. A wonderful series by a self-published indie author. Firstly, I love to support fellow indie authors, its like propping up your family as well as the fact that I totally understand the uphill battle to get yourself out there. So, to the book. It’s a quirky fantasy written in multiple POV which works. A YA novel aimed probably for 13 years plus, it divulges just enough to keep me guessing so I just have to keep turning the page. I love that. The story is unique, about a boy named Michael who has the ability to sense the emotions of others and how this almost tears him apart  There’s an innocence and vulnerability about the characters as they navigate through discovering who they are whilst trying to understand the danger they are in.

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. I’ve only just started this so don’t really too much I can say, but its about witches and that’s good enough for me! Will follow up on this book at a later time.

So, what are you reading and what kind of reader are you?



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