Over the past couple of months I have had the absolute honour of making some wonderful connections amongst the Indie author community. For a while there I was quite honestly feeling a little lonely. Tapping away at my keyboard, with only me, myself and I to talk to about my self-publishing experience *collective sigh*, it was proving to be a little isolating.

However,*dramatic music*, I finally cracked into a lovely circle of like-minded indie authors. A simple Instagram post by a writing coach had a lively conversation happening between kindred spirits. From this a FB support group evolved and now we are nurturing each others writing dreams. From asking questions, to sharing posts and purchasing each others books, it’s a wonderfully warm and encouraging environment.

I suppose my piece of wisdom from this is that no matter how strong your desire to succeed is, not a lot is going to happen without the hard ground work you need to put in behind the scenes. The writing, that’s fun, but the self-promotion and networking…..sheesh, that’s a whole different ball game! This was the one thing I was less prepared for. Slowly I’m getting it, understanding that making connections, supporting others as well as reaching out for myself is unbelievably essential. Its not easy, you know I’m shy, but its a challenge I’m taking head on. Hell, I’ve had 3 babies, I can do this!


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