Facing the Public -eeeek!!!!

By nature I’m a very shy person. I’m obviously comfortable and relaxed around my family and friends and certainly can make my presence known in a room. However, ask me to stand in front of a crowd, speak in a public forum, even just be generally noticed and every cell freezes. Suddenly the elocution I’m quite proud of becomes in-audible gobbledygook, my cheeks flame, my palms sweat and generally I’d rather stick a samurai sword in my eye!

This brings me to the next stop in my travels as a debut author. I have to be seen, I have to speak to people I don’t know and hardest of all I have to sell my book by being super confident about me, myself and I and my novel that I’ve worked so hard on. Of course, at a keyboard I can say all of those things with relative ease whilst maintaining as much humble and thank you in my tone, and that is the honesty of it. I am humble and deeply grateful for the opportunity afforded to me to be able to live my dream and create a real, tangible book that is actually available to buy all over the world! ¬†Gratitude doesn’t cover it.

Herein is my conundrum. I’m shy, I don’t feel at all confident to speak publicly, yet it is a mountain I must face very soon as I’m booked into two events to promote Awaken and it’s upcoming sequel. I am honestly very excited about being at Supanova Melbourne and also the Book Expo Australia in Sydney. They are amazing learning opportunities. However, I need to psych myself up to feeling confident enough to present myself in a way that exudes an energy and pride in my writing without either falling flat on my face getting tongue tied or to the other extreme of overcompensating and not showing the gratitude I feel inside.

More than anything I want to entertain readers with my stories but I also want them to understand that I’m humbled by anyone who offers their time and hard earned money to read my words, that I ‘m thankful I live in a country that allows me the opportunity to achieve this goal, that my husband supports me and all the expense it has been so far to achieve this dream.

If you meet me sometime across a table and I sign your book or even just say hello, please remember I thank you and I’m grateful. I could just get a little overwhelmed by not being that girl that prefers to hide somewhere deep in the back row of the school production.

Say hello, it might just break the ice for me and make my day.


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